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      G&M Introduction

      Introduction of General Manager Niu Jianwei 

        Niu Jianwei, male, member of the Communist Party of China, was born on August 21, 1967 in Niuwa Village, Wen County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. After graduating from high school, he joined Duo Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd. and served as office director and deputy general manager. 

        In order to realize the ideal of "caring for the people and benefiting the people", in 2010, Niu Jianwei resolutely gave up the generous treatment of Duo Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd., in order to lead his hometown out of poverty and get rich together, he personally founded Jiaozuo Minli Industrial Co., Ltd. In 2018, he was elected as the party branch secretary of Niuwa Village. 

        "I founded our Minli Industry, not to be rich or expensive, nor to become a century-old enterprise. As long as everyone can have a stable income, life in this small county is stable and stable, and there is no need to worry about food and clothing. In addition, the company can shoulder its due social responsibilities and contribute to the development of our county, so that it can achieve its mission." This is what Niu Jianwei often says to everyone. Inspired by him, all the employees of the company work hard and work hard together. There are also many old employees in various departments with more than 8 years of service. 

        As a party member, Comrade Niu Jianwei took the lead in the nation’s great poverty alleviation action. He still overcame difficulties despite the company’s losses and took the initiative to recruit disabled people. Everyone advised Niu Jianwei not to do this, but he said: "The country needs our help. These disabled people cannot get rid of poverty, and our comprehensive well-off society cannot be realized. Besides, isn't our company established just to lead everyone to live a good life?" In this way, Comrade Niu Jianwei recruited 15 disabled people in one go. 

        During the 2020 Spring Festival when the new crown epidemic is raging, Comrade Niu Jianwei, then the party branch secretary of Niuwa Village, led the village party members and cadres to fight on the front line of the epidemic. For 24 hours a day, he either supervised the work of several return points in Niuwa Village, or patrolled the village to persuade the villagers to do a good job in epidemic prevention and isolate them at home. He said to the party members on duty every day: "We are the defense line of the young and old in Niuwa Village, and their safety is on us, and we must stick to their posts!" The high-intensity work caused him to be overdrawn and tired on the front line many times. The masses saw it in their eyes, felt pain in their hearts, and forced him to rest, but he said: "I am not on the front line, and my heart is even more uncomfortable. This kind of effort is worth it." During the epidemic, there was no case of infection in Niuwa Village, and such achievements were also affirmed by the leaders of Jiaozuo Municipal Party Committee.

        Because of years of fatigue, Comrade Niu Jianwei was seriously ill and stayed with medicine every day, but he still cared about the people and the society every moment. There are elders over 60 years old in the employee’s home, and 100 yuan of filial salary is sent directly to the elderly every month; if the employee has a child in his home who is admitted to university, he will give out several thousand yuan as a donation; He never pulls in the student assistance activities, never absent. In the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, he donated tens of thousands of yuan. In 2016, the body of peacekeeping hero Shen Liangliang returned to Wen County. He waited in the crowd early in the morning, crying harder than anyone else. He also funded the repair of ancestral halls and roads in the village, improved the appearance of the village, and contributed to the revitalization of the village. 

        Comrade Niu Jianwei often said to his son: "Dad is an ordinary person, and you are also an ordinary person's child, but you must be worthy of yourself, your family, your friends, and most importantly, your country!" 


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